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Influencers & digital media partnerships are the key components for marketing within the modest fashion industry – a market largely based on new media. Join the WOM hub to be in the center of the industry.

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The main strength of our network is its wide international reach. Both online and offline.


Overall Solution

We understand the conception as much as the production or the audience building stage of any marketing campaign.


Modest & Muslim

The demographic we are a part of, are passionate about and understand better than any other audience.

Advantages for joining the WOM Network

We are building a platform that forms a win-win situation for all.

how you can profit as a fashion designer or brand owner by being part of WOM
Marketing Consultancy
In marketing there should be no guessing. At every stage of your brand there is an individual strategy.
Email-Subject: Marketing Consultancy
Take consultancy from our professional marketing advisors. We analyze your product and the market you aim for. Our goal is to develop a communication strategy with you that actually works. This can vary from showcasing your product on fashion shows, connecting you to influential platforms and creators of our network and taking care of your social media channels.
Collaboration Partnerships
Become a collaboration partner for influencers or companies of our network to multiply your growth
Email-Subject: Collaboration Partners
Finding reliable partners to collaborate on a product or a collection is not always easy. Accessing them through WOM network means connecting to examined and verified influencers, creators, talents, blogs and other media partners that actually fit your brand.
Lookbook Production
Be efficient by connecting to our professionals to realize your creative vision.
Email-Subject: Lookbook Production
In fashion there is no way around having seasonal lookbooks showcasing your work. We understand the buyers’ cycle, the needs of e-commerce and what works for your social media channels. Photography & film productions are the key components for every lookbook. Our experience makes the production a streamlined process.
Campaign Production
Embark into new markets with targeted campaigns
Email-Subject: Campaign Production
Let’s say you want to target a new group of customers. A campaign is always a good way to go about it. But a good campaign also means a concept that works in the long run and goes beyond your already established audience. A very good one would also be interesting for the press. Work with experts that will make your efforts worthwhile.
Making a difference in your career
Brand deals, sponsorships & campaigns
Profit by getting connected to the brands you aim to work with
Working with companies is often more a question of network than of following. Having insight into upcoming campaigns that fit your content for product placements and sponsorships can move the needle for you to establish an income you can count on.
Event Invites & Travels
Get invited to high profile events and experience increased travels opportunities
Events are the hub of the industry. Most industry relationships are made in face to face encounters. Be part of these opportunities by being part of WOM.
Industry Insight
Knowing where you stand with engagement, fees and brand deals
We conduct research, questionnaires and surveys regularly to keep you updated on the newest developments. We want to make sure you have all tools and knowledge that help you grow. Take our advice anytime you need it.
Agency representation
Let us do the talking.
Since we know what the standards are for your reach, experience and brand value, our agents can represent you, work out deals for you and make sure you truly benefit from your efforts. To eliminate conflict of interest, we are determined to keep secluded departements for brands and talents.
Focus on your content while business comes your way
Ad placements
Use your traffic to generate revenue by placing ads that fit the interests of your readers
E-Mail Subject: Ad Placement
Being within the WOM equals being part of a network that generates campaigns that need to be seen by users interested in the muslim lifestyle. A site that generates traffic by that target group is highly valuable for companies ready to place ads. We can work together for identifying campaigns, creating and placing ad units to generate income.
Find engaging stories
Tell the stories your readers are looking for
Email-Subject: Stories
Be on the frontline of industry news and get press releases at the moment they are released. By working closely with companies and individuals shaping the industry, we create opportunities for telling stories while they are the most relevant.
Hype up your event before, during and after the date
Develop the right B2B and B2C communication strategy to target the audience of relevance
Email Subject: Communication Startegy
Events need to appeal to sponsors, brands and visitors alike. Develop content, press releases and marketing kits with professionals. Communicate your event effectively and reach your audience with the right media platforms and influencers for your event.
Influencer Pool
Choose social media influencers that are the perfect fit for your guest list
Email Subject:
Having influencers at your event is nowadays an expectation by visitors and companies alike. However, not all influencers are the same. Their following’s demographics and interests are often much more relevant than the numbers. We analyze the followings and engagement rates of the creators in our pool to find the perfect fit for your event.
Content Production
Make your event memorizable with creating engaging content
Email Subject: Content Production
Engage with visitors and guests in a creative way during your event and use those moments to celebrate with your audience. Work with our creative minds to realize unique content. With a variety of content you can even plan your promotion further: The sequel to your success.
Get the leverage you need to keep pursuing your creative business
Business Opportunities
Let your photography, filmmaking or design portfolio do all the work for you to become part of campaigns that align with your identity
Email-Subject: Portfolio [include attachment]
Grow your audience and let your art being seen by connecting to influencers
Email-Subject: Influencer Collaborations [City]


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